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Tesla Service SIA

Tesla Service SIA was founded in 2020 with the aim of helping our customers, Tesla car owners, as well as other electric car owners, in solving their biggest problem – not to think about how to service or repair your car in Latvia and in the Baltic Region in general.

Our advantages

  • We always provide a guarantee for spare parts and performed repair and diagnostic work.
  • We will diagnose all components and the electrical system of your car, find the causes of the breakdown and eliminate them.
  • You can always personally attend the repair of your electric vehicle and control all stages of repair and diagnostics.
  • We will coordinate with you each stage of the repair and the purchase of the necessary parts in the sheet — ordering through any messenger convenient for you.
  • We always carry out diagnostics and repairs on time.
  • We never impose unnecessary work or services on our clients. You choose what you pay for.